A pedal boat in an extremely attractive form of a ship. Available in three deck configurations, as well as an electric boat or motorboat with an outboard motor. Thanks to the long list of additional equipment, for example – wheels in the hull for easy launching, the unit can be perfectly adapted to individual conditions. NEMO is especially liked by children – who wouldn’t want to be a captain?


A versatile boat perfect for recreational sailing, which, when the mast is removed, becomes a fishing boat powered by an engine or oars.
Very easy to use, safe and fast under sail. Roomy and comfortable even for long fishing trips. An excellent choice for all water sportsmen.
Particularly appreciated by parents who want to teach their children how to sail.


Recreational sailboat with sports performance. MERLIN is suitable both for learning to sail and for experienced water sportsmen. It provides fast and exciting swimming without sacrificing comfort and safety. A wide selection of additional equipment (e.g. a slip trolley or a cover) allows you to adjust the boat to individual needs.

Thanks to MERLIN everyone can discover the true taste of sailing.


A ballast racing yacht designed according to the rules of the international class 2.4mR.
The boat provides a truly sea experience even when sailing on the lake.
Large heels and the head located just above the water surface guarantee extraordinary emotions.
One of the few structures on which disabled people, including wheelchair users, can successfully sail. Available in racing and training versions.


Universal motor boat for recreational swimming, parties, fishing, diving.
Available with stationary or outboard motors, electric or internal combustion engines.
FIREFLY is a very stable and extremely spacious boat designed for economical, comfortable and safe sailing.
No licenses are required to drive a boat. There are numerous options for additional equipment, so everyone can tailor the boat to their own needs.


A multi-purpose catamaran designed for entertainment – it can be used for trips, educational cruises, organizing integration events and games and many other purposes. The boat is perfect for water equipment rentals, hotels, agritourism farms – it is very comfortable, safe, durable and resistant to user errors. Also professionals will appreciate it as a large, very versatile and solid platform for various commercial applications.