Hull length: 3.7 m

Hull width: 1.5 m

Draught: 0.12 / 0.80 m

Sails area: 7 / 8.5 / 10 sq. m

Mass of hull: 85 kg

Crew: 3 persons / max 250 kg

MERLIN was designed and constructed in a way to make it a safe training boat that will attract beginners and less experienced sailors to yachting, while enabling more advanced yachtsmen to experience some more excitement and thrill. Choose one of our three rig and fittings versions:

  • Basic 7m2– for yacht rentals, holiday resorts and beginners
  • Standard 8,5m2– the most common version among individual customers, equipped additionally with a tiller extension and hiking straps
  • Sport 10m2– sports version which guarantees more fun, but requires higher skills

MERLIN is fast, has good turning ability and is very safe. We are sure that it will never let you down and will let you discover the true taste of yachting.


  • rotating centreboard and rudder which facilitate beach landing and improve safety when running into obstacles
  • hull shape ensuring high stability
  • mainsail fixed to mast slit (not in a pocket,. which is a common solution for yachts of this class) – which enables to hoist and lower sails fast and safely
  • a reef band on the mainsail, a window for better visibility on the headsail
  • deep cockpit closed at the stern section
  • effective non-skid surfaces
  • a hollow in the front part of the cockpit, to provide an comfortable and safe place for child on board, or to keep stuff (for instance bottles) from rolling around in the cockpit
  • strong centreboard easy to lift from its case and flanges facilitate putting the yacht up after capsizing
  • foam impregnated mast with halyards outside prevents turning bottom-up after capsizing


  • the hull’s centre of buoyancy is shifted towards the back, which together with considerably raised deck transom prevents the yacht from pulling the water along
  • the shape of the mainsail improves its efficiency (for version 8,5m2 i 10m2)
  • the centreboard and rudder are made of laminate, formed and ellipse-ended to reduce drag


  • centreboard case does not protrude in the cockpit, but is hidden under slightly raised flooring section
  • spacious (200 x 70 cm), and comfortable cockpit for a crew of three
  • cockpit bottom shaped comfortably to sit and lie
  • raised tiller with adjustable length
  • sharp bow, breakwater and down flanged collars guarantee sailing dry
  • small size and weight facilitate transport and storage
  • optional forepeak (for paddles) and afterpeak available at request, with covers in cockpit walls
  • steel eye in hull to padlock the yacht

The yacht can be adjusted to suit your needs by ordering additional accessories.


Our yachts are sold ready to sail, with rig, all fittings and ropes (including mooring rope).


The hull is built of glass hardened polyester laminate. The deck is a sandwich structure to increase its resistance and rigidity. The non-skid surfaces are moulded and therefore they may slightly differ in colour from the rest of the deck. The mast and boom are made of anodised profiles of aluminium alloy, sails of dacron, while the forestay and shrouds – of stainless steel. Standard sails have horizontal cut, with red MERLIN logo.


The basic yacht colour is white. Other colours of hull, deck or non-skid surfaces may be ordered at extra cost. The colour range is available here.
Other RAL colours are also available, at higher cost. We offer also individual graphic designs made of foil or airbrush painted.