NEMO was designed as a universal platform for widely understood recreation on the water. It is distinguished by three aspects:

Very attractive form in the form of a ship. It seems that it is the most natural for water reservoirs and fits them much better than, for example, numerous pedal boats stylized as “VW Beetles”. In addition, the ship is very much liked by children, who can feel like a captain thanks to it. It’s great fun and motivation to swim on it. The concept of NEMO has been submitted and obtained legal protection at the EUIPO.

Convenience and functionality. On NEMO, you can not only go for an hour-long ride sitting and pedaling. You can spend a whole day comfortably and pleasantly on it. Many possibilities and places to sit and lie down, a lot of space and a well-thought-out design encourage you to choose NEMO for long trips. You can sunbathe or hide from the sun under a fold-out canopy, swim, explore even the far corners of the lake, admire the wildlife, and even watch the underwater life through a special chamber. NEMO will be the best companion for great trips. Thanks to it, you can experience unforgettable moments on the water and fully relax.

Versatility – three deck variants are available – the three-seater M version, and the five-seater L and XL versions. In addition to the NEMO pedal boat, there is also NEMO ev – without pedals, but with an electric drive instead of the drive wheel, and NEMO m – also without pedals, but with an outboard internal combustion or electric motor. Together with numerous options of additional equipment, it gives you the opportunity to perfectly match your capabilities and needs.


lenght – 2,9 m
witdth – 1,75 m
number of seats – 2
number of people – 3


lenght – 4,0 m
width – 1,75 m
number of seats – 4
number of people – 5


lenght– 4,0 m
width– 1,75 m
number of seats – 2
number of people – 5


paddle wheel drive via two pairs of pedals

driven by an electric motor located in the console

powered by an electric motor mounted on the transom

powered by a combustion engine mounted on the transom

option to mount an auxiliary motor on the transom

tiller-operated rudder


NEMO is intended mainly for commercial use – in water equipment rentals, hotels, agritourism farms, etc. Due to its exceptionally original appearance and very strong construction, it is perfect for this purpose. It provides owners with many willing to swim, a very quick return on investment, high durability and minimum maintenance.

NEMO can be perfectly adapted to your needs by ordering additional accessories that increase functionality or convenience of use.


  • total unsinkability thanks to the foam material glued inside
  • the shape of the hull and its width ensure very high stability and displacement
  • the forward deck is a safe, clearly visible and easily accessible place especially for children
  • highly effective non-slip surfaces
  • secure seats without wedge-shaped drains
  • comfortable, safety-enhancing raised all-around deck and optional railings
  • handles on the stern and an additional ladder make it easier to get out of the water
  • comfortable tiller with a shape and position that minimizes the possibility of injury
  • three mooring hooks

Convenience and functionality

  • especially comfortable front deck loved by children and not only
  • sunbathing deck for one (L version) or even three people (XL version)
  • sun loungers or armchairs can be set up on the sun deck
  • a set of mattresses for the foredeck and sun deck
  • comfortable, ergonomic seats
  • many seating options – not only on the seats, but also on the deck with the legs placed in the recesses, and even on top of the console or seat backs
  • framed shelf on the top of the console for phones, glasses, etc.
  • handy locker in the console
  • capacious, lockable locker, even for life jackets, placed under the front deck
  • fold-out bimini top for protection from the sun
  • steel handles on the bow and stern for padlocking
  • durable fender strip protecting against abrasions
  • it is possible to order wheels placed in the bottom, which make it very easy to pull NEMO to the shore
  • bottom fitting with steel flat bars useful in the case of a stony shore
  • the possibility of installing water drains from the recesses for the legs to speed up the preparation for swimming after the rain
  • the possibility of underwater observation (only in the XL version)
  • optional hitch for auxiliary motor (pedal boat only)
  • the ability to install an audio system with two speakers (only for NEMO ev)

We sell complete units ready to sail, also equipped with two moorings.

NEMO is made of glass polyester laminate with the use of advanced glass fabric reinforcement. The deck has a sandwich structure that increases its strength and stiffness. Non-slip surfaces are molded. The outer surfaces of the structure are covered with a mass-dyed, very resistant and thick layer of a special resin called gelcoat. This gives a much greater resistance and durability compared to varnishes commonly used in this industry. All fittings and parts are stainless – made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or plastic.

The basic color of the NEMO hull is white or red, the deck – white or gray, while the superstructures are white, red or gray. It is possible to order elements in other colors for an additional fee. The palette of available colors is presented here. Other colors from the RAL palette are also available, but the surcharge for them will be higher.

As a standard, the unit has glued windows on the console, anchors and NEMO inscriptions. It is possible to order individual graphics made of foil – numbers, owner’s logo, etc.