We are a Polish producer of pedal boats, sailing and motor boats.
The KAMA company has been operating since 1988.

The whole story began in 1975, when Marek Jankowski swallowed the sailing bug while still a high school student. From the beginning, he was mainly interested in technical issues. He eagerly laminated shells, helped with yacht construction, repairs and dreamed of his own boat. He finally succeeded and in 1981 he completed the construction of his first small cabin called ANANKE.


In 1982, ŻABCIA was created – Marek Jankowski’s first project, whose plans for self-construction enjoyed great interest and sold over 200 copies. A year later, the constructor graduated from the automotive department of SIMR at the Warsaw University of Technology.


The year 1984 saw the completion of the construction of BAJKA – a large cabin for myself and my family, and the design of another sailboat – POUCH, also offered in the form of plans for self-construction. In 1986, Marek Jankowski received another diploma of graduation from the Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology, where he also attended sailing yacht design and construction courses. After two years of work at the Industrial Automotive Institute, during which he designed, among other things, self-supporting milk tankers, he decided to set up his own company.


KAMA was founded in 1988. These were the times of rationed economic activity and despite having two engineering diplomas, Marek Jankowski could not officially build boats. This required a boatbuilder’s professional certificate and several years of internship in a state-owned shipyard. Thus, the first products of KAMA were wooden bird feeders, blocks, ladders and other toys. Then it was easier and you could do what you like – boats, although there was almost always some other activity for safety. The most interesting ones include the production of PE bottles, the production of fertilizers for flowers, the production of custom-made furniture or the implementation of projects, prototypes and studies for other companies.

For many years, we have been offering the ROBINSON sailboat in the form of kits for self-construction. The boat was made of plywood by sewing and gluing, and it took less than 100 hours to assemble. ROBINSON is basically a frog, only slightly modified for technological reasons. We changed the name to make it easy to pronounce outside of Poland. The times of amateur boat building are history, although there are still people willing to buy plans for the construction of our first structures – ŻABCI and POUCH, as well as ROBINSON sets.


Currently produced boats are made of composites. They are all our projects. The MERLIN sailboat went on sale in 2003, the PROTON in 2006, the DELTA in 2008, the FIREFLY motorboat in 2011, the AMBER catamaran in 2020, and in 2022 the NEMO water bike, which can also be a motorboat. The units have the CE certificates required by the European Union. Our yachts can be found in many places around the world, the furthest ones being the Maldives and South Korea.


Initially, the company operated in rented premises, until in 2000 we moved to our own newly built production and office building in Warsaw.


KAMA is a family company. Marek Jankowski’s wife is also an engineer and actively participates in the company’s work. Their three children actually help a lot from an early age in designing and testing our constructions, as well as in the current operations of the company. Children love the water and swim on almost anything. The sons received technical education at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. Since 2017, son Krzysztof systematically takes over the management of the company. Everything we do, we try to do the best – for us, work is not only a way to earn money, it is also a passion and joy of creating something new.


Currently, apart from yachts, KAMA also produces other items made of composites – flower pots, bio fireplaces and various products as a subcontractor for other companies. We invite you to visit our main website www.kama.net.pl, as well as the websites www.kamaflowerpots.com, www.kamaflower.com and www.kamafire.com.