AMBER is a universal modular catamaran designed mainly for recreation – it can be used for trips, educational cruises, organizing integration events and games, and many other purposes. The boat will be perfect for water equipment rentals, hotels, agritourism farms – it is very comfortable, safe, durable and resistant to user errors. Also professionals will appreciate it as a large, very versatile and solid platform for various commercial applications such as port work, divers service, etc.


The boat can carry up to 12 passengers, its length is from about 6 to 12 m, and the width from about 2.5 to 3 m.


AMBER is offered with two types of drive – with combustion or electric engines.
Combustion outboard engines of 10, 30, 40 or 60 HP are provided. The smallest version is perfect for rentals. The most powerful 60 hp engine is designed mainly for sailing on large rivers with a strong current. 30 and 40 HP engines are a compromise between price and nautical properties.
The electric drive is distinguished by low operating costs and such advantages as silence and lack of environmental pollution. In some waters, this is the only option allowed by law. In addition, this drive is characterized by very high durability and lack of costs related to the maintenance of internal combustion engines – replacement of oils, filters, spark plugs, etc.


The yacht has two hulls consisting of independent sealed segments made of very durable HDPE polyethylene with high impact strength, which can be additionally filled with polystyrene. Thanks to this, the catamaran is unsinkable and extremely resistant to impacts, abrasions, groundings and other events that may happen, especially when sailing on unregulated rivers or when used as a charter boat.
The boat has a support frame made of aluminum alloy or steel. As standard, the deck is lined with high-quality WPC composite boards. These boards look very similar to wood, but unlike it, they are completely resistant to water, rot, pests and other destructive factors. The WPC material ensures a great appearance and excellent performance of the deck for many years. Of course, you can choose a different type of material and choose, for example, a deck made of exotic wood boards, and in the case of using AMBER as a working boat – corrugated aluminum.


The deck structure is modular and based on the following elements: a console with one or two armchairs, box seats, lockable rooms, fold-out benches and tables.
The rooms can be a sanitary module (toilet, washbasin, cabinets), a kitchen module (sink, cooker, cabinets) or a technical module – equipment according to the shipowner’s request.
The console houses the controls, navigation and other equipment – for example, a radio or a camera monitor. In addition, it includes a lockable storage compartment and a practical recess on the top for glasses, telephones, etc. The box seats are very spacious and can accommodate life jackets, ropes, fenders and passengers’ luggage. Modular construction provides the possibility of many different deck arrangements depending on the customer’s needs, and even introducing some modifications during the operation of the boat.


Numerous equipment can be mounted on the yacht – thrusters, echo sounder, GPS, cameras, navigation lights, deck lights, spotlights, audio system, shower, fridge, bow ladder, bicycle racks, crane for port work and many more. You can also equip the boat with an electrically lowered gangway on one of the sides, ensuring convenient entry for wheelchair users.


The whole or part of the deck can be covered with a roof stretched on a solid frame. The passage height is 2 m, so being on board is very comfortable. The roof can be made of PVC or acrylic fabric, it can also be rigid. This makes it possible to install photovoltaic panels on it, thanks to which you can charge the batteries that power the electric drive using only the sun’s energy.


AMBER can also be equipped with side walls and doors protecting the interior against rain, wind and unauthorized access. Just like the visor, they can be flexible or rigid.


AMBER catamarans are designed for individual customer needs and made to order.